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Appointments and services are continuing virtually, due to efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among our campus population.

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TRIO Student Support Services is a federal grant program dedicated to supporting select students through their college experience.

Welcome to TRIO Student Support Services, where our staff is ready to help you join a small campus community for select students. Whether you need tutoring to get you through a difficult class, assistance in planning your course schedule, help with financial aid, or just some advice, Student Support Services is here for you.



Personalized advising

You’ll work with one of two academic advisors in our office who will guide you through your entire college career, getting to know you throughout your time at IUPUI.

One-on-one tutoring

You will also have access to free one-on-one tutoring for almost any IUPUI course or subject that you will be taking.

Exclusive workshops

We offer customized workshops to fit your needs, including academics, personal wellness, financial aid, career and professional development, and graduate school preparation.



Student Support Services provides a space for students to feel at home amongst others within a busy campus. We help students find their place in a tight-knit community that will be their other home.


We offer peer mentoring for students to network within IUPUI.

Engaging events

Student Support Services hosts many cultural and social events and excursions throughout the year.



Student Support Services offers financial aid assistance to students in its program, ensuring that you can get your concerns addressed as quickly as possible with one-on-one support from advisors. Students can drop in for year-round financial aid advising, with special workshops offered in the spring for FAFSA advice.

Scholarships and Study Abroad

Our advisors can also help you discover grants and scholarships. These might be directly from the university or awarded from Student Support Services based on your eligibility. Student Support Services can even help you find resources to study abroad.

Housing Support

Student Support Services offers financial aid assistance for housing; with the Student Support Services housing grant, you can join our residential based learning community (RBLC) in the Riverwalk apartments.


You must meet one of the following requirement to join:

  • First-generation student (your parents never attended college)
  • Documented disability
  • Low-income (see current guidelines)

You must meet all of the following requirements:

Staff and Mentors

Student Support Services cultivates a thoughtful and hardworking team to support its student community. Our staff are committed to providing quality, personal support to you, and that commitment starts by forming relationships with students. When you visit Student Support Services for resources and guidance, you will be greeted by staff who know you are able to provide the best assistance possible.

Sam Schwartz

Financial Aid Advisor

Sam Schwartz is the Financial Aid Counselor for Student Support Services. He enjoys connecting students with the resources that they need to succeed, particularly when he can help students understand financial complexities and achieve their goal of graduation from IUPUI.

Maurice Napper

Senior Academic Advisor

Maurice Napper is the Senior Academic Advisor for Student Support Services. He connects students with academic and social resources, as well as presenting workshops on student success, and aiding students in self-evaluation. He also coordinates the Student Support Services Peer Mentor Program. He loves motivating students through their success.

Barbra Edumanichukwu

Tutor and Student Support Services Student

Barbra is a program participant and tutor at Student Support Services. She wants to share her positive experience of her smooth transition to IUPUI with other students. She is thrilled with Student Support Services’ friendly and encouraging atmosphere and says that she feels Student Support Services is her second home.

Tommy Flournoy

Student Support Services Mentor

Tommy is a mentor for Student Support Services; he spends most of his time within the program working with incoming freshman and sharing his knowledge, advice and resources. One of his favorite parts of Student Support Services is working with his coworkers to create the best environment for students.