Peer Support

We're in your corner

Our participants have access to a wide variety of academic and social support resources — including support from other students. We engage our more senior students to deliver mentoring and tutoring services.

These experienced students make excellent mentors and tutors because they want to give back to other TRIO SSS students. Our mentors and tutors relate with you and understand what it’s like to be in your shoes. The peer mentoring and tutoring experience can be highly rewarding for both parties.

Peer mentoring

Each beginning, first-year TRIO SSS participant is assigned to a peer mentor.  The peer mentors are selected based on their enthusiasm and eagerness to support beginning, first-year students in the program, as well as their skills and abilities to develop creative programs and relate to other students.

The mentors meet one-on-one (in-person or via Zoom) and discuss topics that include:

  • Help with finding campus resources,
  • How to succeed in class,
  • Campus involvement activities, and
  • Overall life advice.

The mentors also host social and cultural programs throughout the year and encourage their mentees to attend. Students connect with their mentor throughout their freshman year, but often remain very close to their mentors for years to come.

Meet the mentors